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Can you give a dog a bath with Seresto collar

No, it is not recommended that you give your dog a bath with a Seresto® collar. The active ingredient in the collar—imidacloprid—may be affected by swimming or bathing, which may lessen its effectiveness. Additionally, wetting and drying the collar repeatedly and too soon after application can cause the material of the collar to break down more quickly than intended.

It is best to wait at least 24 hours after applying the Seresto® collar before letting your dog swim or giving them a bath. It’s important to follow instruction on use set out by the manufacturer as stated on their website and package labeling for safe and effective use of their product.

Summing up

Depending on the type of Seresto collar you have, your dog can still receive regular baths while wearing it, but extra care should be taken to ensure that no shampoo residue remains on or near the collar in order to protect its mechanisms.

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