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Laljal Cave

Laljal Cave

Laljal Cave lies 57km from Jhargram and 19km from Belpahari. Lalajal is a scenic mountain village. The village has Belapaharira primitive cave-men, including antiquities. Laljal was a PalioLithic idea before a few thousand years ago. Ancient civilization and culture was a rich field of lalajalai. Here the spring water is slightly reddish. Copper and iron mixed with water is quite tasty. Local residents say, because of the red color of the water in the name of the village lalajala. Deopahare west of the village there is a primitive cave man. Sinlahara south-eastern part of the mountain range. The village is north Ranipahara. Abahelitai witness remains a place of ancient civilization. The area is one of the great natural wonders of tourist attractions.

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