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Khandarani Lake

Khandarani Lake

Khandarani is situated at a distance of 49km from Jhargram and 11km from Belpahari. The myriad-faceted nature comes in its fullest magnificence when one happens to visit Khandarani water body, cuddled up in captivating forests and ubiquitous expanse of mountains. The murmuring water currents mingled with shimmering sunlight finding their way into the vast swathes of agriculture land through the Dam channels make the onlookers gaze spell-bound at the mystifying marvels of nature. This lake snuggled in the lap of pristine nature, is only 15 minutes car ride from Belpahari, is one of the most attractive places. The multi-coloured migratory birds such as Northern Pintail, Common Coot, Lesser Whistling Ducks, Cotton Pigmy Goose, Little Grebe, Pheasant Tailed Jacana, Bronze Wing Jacana, Purple Heron, Shikra, Indian Cuckoo, Indian Roller Bird, Green Bee Eater, etc. defying man-made boundaries swarm to Khandarani and spend their winter in utter abandon and rant the air with their incessant flap and flutter. The luxuriant growth of flora and foliage around Khandarani leaves one with speechless wonder.

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