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Chilkigarh Raj Palace

Chilkigarh Raj Palace

It is located 1.5 km away from Kanak Durga Temple and located other side of Dulung river. Jamboni Zamindari- Raja Gopinath Singh Matagaj was the last ruler of 110.63 km2 Jamboni Estate and had 4 wives Rani Govindamani Devi, Rani Champani Devi, Rani Thakurmani Devi and Rani Durgamani Devi and only one daughter Rani Subarnamani Devi through Rani Champamani Devi (married to Raja Jaganath Deo Dhabal Dev VII of Dhalbhum). He died in 1765 AD without any male heir and along with him his two wives Rani Champamoni Devi and Rani Thakurmoni Devi commited Sati with their husband. The administration of the estate devolved upon his widow senior dowager Rani Govindamani Devi who died in 1818. In the year 1822 Midnapore District Court declared Raja Gopinath Singh Matgajs’s eldest grandson Rajkumar Kamalakanta Deo Dhabal Dev of Dhalbhum, through his only child as the legal heir to the gaddi of Jamboni estate and Rajkumar Kamalkanta Deo Dhabal Dev won the court case in Midnapore district court and was coronated as Raja of Jamboni in Chilkigarh, the capital of Jamboni estate. Raja Gopinath Singh Matagaja is credited to have consecrated the Gold Idol of Devi Kanak Durga in the jungles of Chilkigarh as per divine instruction. His wife Rani Govindamani Devi contributed her gold bangles towards the making of the golden idol of and hence the name Kanak Durga meaning Golden Durga.

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