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Jhargram, West Bengal 721507

Jhargram Raj Palace

Jhargram Raj Palace

Jhargram was a kingdom founded around 1592 AD by Sarveshwar Singh who was a Generals under Man Singh of Amer and came to conquer Bengal when Emperor Akbar granted Subehdari of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa to Raja Man Singh. Sarveshwar Singh belonged to the Chauhan clan of Rajputs from Fatehpur Sikri. He defeated and vanquished the local Mal tribal kings who were ruling the region known as Junglemahal, even today in order to commemorate this victory, every year an idol of Mal Raja is made and slain on Vijayadashami day. As a reward, Raja Man Singh, granted mansabdari of the entire region of Junglemahal to his victorious generals Sarveshwar Singh Chauhan and his elder brother, under suzerainty and subordination as a tributary vassal state to the Mughal Emperor Akbar. He named his capital Jhargram which means a village surrounded by deep forests; hence the rulers of Jhargram assumed the title “Malla Deb”. Know History Jhargram Rajbari is the current residence of the Malla Dev Royal family and a melting pot of culture, tradition, rich heritage. It is a structure combining the Italian and Islamic architecture model and about 10 rooms on the ground floor have been converted into a Heritage Homestay run by the family. The Palace is an opulent Italianate structure, set in carefully laid lawns and gardens which were built in 1922 CE, during the reign of Raja Narasingha Malla Dev Bahadur. In the Palace campus, so evocative of a regal lifestyle, the past comes alive. The Palatial Guest House is a part of the Jhargram Raj Palace it has been a host to several dignitaries right from its inception.

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